Colossal Segway Tour

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Visit 3 medival towns that make up Krakow today. Enjoy the Segway in a 3 hour ride through the Old Town, Kazimierz; the Jewish district, and Podgórze; the World War II ghetto. The pleasures of this tour lay not only in riding our X2 Segways, but also in hearing all  about the historical facts of our beautiful city. If you're looking for a full Krakow experience combined with the joys of riding Segways, Thistour will fulfill your Krakow sight-seeing expectations. 

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After being instructed on how to ride our X2 Segways we head out to visit the north tip of the old town, where we see the Barbakan fortress and medival fortifications.  From there we ride along the Planty gardens, the filled in moat, towards the Latin quarter where we visit the Jagiellonian University.  From there we follow the path of Pope John Paul II to the Bishop's palace before heading towards the Wawel castle and seeing the dragon den.  Now we ride along the river to the church on the rock before crossing the river into the World War II ghetto in Kazimierz.  There we will see the ghetto square, fragments of the ghetto wall, and Oscar Schindler's factory.  From Podgorze we head into Kazimierz; the historic Jewish quarter, where we see the old synagogue and cemetary before heading into the bohemian district.  Now its time to head back to the center with a ride through the main market square.


- Main Market Square

- "Planty Gardens"

- Wawel Castle

- Jagiellonian University

- Bohemian Kazimierz

- Old Synagogue

- World War II Jewish Ghetto

- Vistula River

- Schindler's Factory

- St. Anne's Church



  1. Kraków
  2. Barbakan
  3. St. Anne's Church
  4. Jagiellonian University
  5. Bishop's Palace
  6. Wawel Castle
  7. Church on the Rock
  8. Bohemian Kazimierz
  9. Schindler's Factory
  10. New Jewish Cementery
  11. Planty Gardens
  12. Main Market Square