Communist Bike Tour

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Ride with us into a not so distance pass of Poland's communist era.  Nowa Huta located only 9KM from our shop and with a new dedicated bike path its very safe and accessible.  Along the way we will show you Lenin's steel mill plant, the reason for the genesis of Nowa Huta, which literally means 'the new mill.' We will see the old military air base that was used before planes were invented.  The church shaped like a boat that helped defy Poland's uprising against communist rule.  And ofcourse the intuitive urban design of Nowa Huta that made it an ideal example of the proliteriates city.

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From our office we ride out north east along a brand new bike path.  Our first major stop is the old airbase that devided Nowa Huta from Krakow.  From there we ride along the air strip and enter Nowa Huta from the north side.  Our first major site in Nowa huta is the church of Our Lord's Ark where we enter and see religious art mixed with socialism.  From there we winde our way through the labrynth of streets sprinkled with communist housing before riding along a lake and Nowa Huta's recreactional center. Minutes away is the steel mill plant that led to the creation of Nowa Huta, the city built to house its workers.  On our return we stop for lunch in a traditional milk bar still running from the times of Joseph Stalin.  After we ride through Ronald Reagan square we begin our return which finishes off via a bike path along the river. 


-the old military base of Ciezyny

-the Church of Our Lord's Ark

-the people's theatre

-Lenin's steel mill plant

-Ronald Reagan Plac


  1. Kraków
  2. airbase
  3. Church of our Lord's Ark
  4. Lake
  5. Lenin's steel mill plant
  6. Ronald Reagan Square
  7. Vistula river