Country Bike Tour to the Tyniec Abbey

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The country tour takes you along the Vistula river to Tyniec, a small town 12km west of Krakow, famous for its 11th century Benedictine abbey.  Founded in 1044, the abbey played a crucial military role in Poland's Christian restoration and the nation's rebuilding.


The tour begins along the Vistula river on a smooth bike path and leads you through southern Poland's picturesque countryside. You will pass through age-old woods, see crumbling forts and cycle past some of the lakes that surround Krakow. Upon arrival at Tyniec, you'll have a chance to explore the ancient grounds, take photographs of breathtaking scenery and visit the gift shop, which is full of monk-made products prepared by the monks.


The essence of the tour is a relaxed, scenic country cycle rather than the stop-start nature of the city tour. You'll cover a total of 24km on a ride lasting nearly four and a half hours. The tour departs in the afternoon and returns in the evening. A backpack is recommended as it will allow you to transport food, water or gifts back from Tyniec. Keen photographers take note: the country tour will stop at a point overlooking Krakow and is timed to coincide with the sunset.

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This trip heads west along the vistula river from Krakow's city center. Along the way you will see Pope John Paul II's first home in Krakow.  You will hear tales of mongol hordes, devils, and ghosts. The fist half of the trip is very flat, but after we see the benedictine abbey of tyniec we ride though hills where we see the rural side of Lesser Poland, as we ride though viallages see ruins of fortresses, and finish the day off with a spectacular view of Krakow atop lime stone cliffs just as the sun descends to the horizon.


  • Ride along the Vistula river
  • See the Wolski forest
  • Kosciuszko mound
  • Norbetan monastery
  • Slalom kayak course
  • Camdelease monstary
  • Benedictine abbey
  • ride through the Tyniec woods
  • Pope John Paul II
  • Old limestone quarry
  • natural views
  • city views


  1. Kraków
  2. Debnicki Bridge
  3. Slalom Kayaking course
  4. Tyniec monastery
  5. Tyniec Woods
  6. Twardowski Cliffs