Krakow City Bike Tour

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Our tour begins in the main market square of Krakow, the largest medieval square in Europe. Follow your guide along the Planty Gardens to Poland's oldest school, the Jagiellonian University founded in 1364. Continue to the Bishop's Palace to glimpse Pope John Paul II's famous window, and pass the former residence of Oskar Schindler. Stop to admire the Wawel Castle, the stately home of Polish royalty for centuries and today one of the country’s premier art and history museums. Travel along the Vistula River before entering the Krakow Ghetto where you will see remains of the wall Oscar Schindler's factory, and the famous Pharmacy under the Eagle. Next we travel back in time to Kazimierz, the old Jewish quarter.Here you’ll see the oldest synagogue in Poland before stopping to relax at an authentic Polish restaurant for lunch. Our meal will take place inside an old Jewish general store, carpenter's shop and tailor shop, settle in among the 19th-century equipment, including sewing machines and carpentry tools for a unique dining experience. After lunch, journey back toward your original departure point, where your tour will conclude. Itinerary Lunch Sample Menu: Gołabki: stuffed cabbage rolls, with rice and minced port with mushroom or tomato sauce poured on top. Perogies: stuffed dumplings with either cheese and potato, cabbage and mushroom, (the vegetarian option) and/or minced pork filling Bigos: Traditional cabbage stew with sausage, mushroom, cabbage, and a hint of plum The more guests we have on tour the larger variety of foods you will get to try. For one person is on the tour you will get to try the Gołąbki, two people - Gołabki and Perogies, three and more will get to try all three dishes. All tables are provided with a carafe of water and an appetizer of Jewish Maca bread with a choice of three different toppings: chili, garlic sauce, and garlic oil. Any additional beverages or food will be at your own expense. 

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12:00 start 16:00 finish

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·       Explore Krakow’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town and see remnants of the original city walls

·       Catch a glimpse of the famous “papal window” at the Bishop’s Palace

·       Stop by Krakow’s colourful Franciscan Church and stunning Church of St. Peter and St. Paul

·       Visit the beautiful Wawel Royal Castle and the legendary Dragon’s Den

·       Savour a tasty lunch at a traditional Polish restaurant

·       Enjoy a relaxing ride along the Vistula River to Krakow Ghetto

·       Visit Oskar Schindler's Factory and the Old Jewish Cemetery

·       Cycle through the bar-saturated streets of Kazimierz and discover bohemian Krakow

·       Admire Poland’s only Leonardo da Vinci painting – Lady with an Ermine

·       Be amazed by the magnificent Slowacki Theatre


• Old Town Square

• Planty gardens

• Wawel Castle

• Bohemian Kazimierz

• New Jewish cemetery

• St. Anne's Church

• Schindler's Factory

• Jagiellonian Univ.

• Dragon cave

• Franciscan Church

• WW II Jewish Ghetto

• Old Synagogue

• Medieval city walls

• Bishop's palace

• Jewish quarter

• Old Jewish cemetery

• Vistula River

• Path of Pope JP II


  1. Kraków
  2. Medieval walls
  3. Jagiellonian University
  4. Pope window
  5. Wawel
  6. Dragon Cave
  7. Ghetto Square
  8. Oscar Schindler's factory
  9. Jewish Cemetary
  10. Jewish Square
  11. Scenes from Schindler's list
  12. Church of St. Andrew
  13. Main Square