Eagles' Nests Bike Tour

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A three-day bike tour along a series of medieval castles and fortresses that guarded an ancient trading route.  The destination is Czestochowa; the home of Poland's most sacred holy relic; the Black Madonna.  This route runs along a tectonic ridge and thus is blessed with valleys and beautiful views. We ride from Krakow and finish in Czestochowa. This tour includes bikes, guide, helmets, panniers, health insurance and accommodation and breakfast.

Total distance 171Km

2 nights

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Day 1 Distance 65Km

We ride north of Krakow towards the Ojcow national park. In the park, we explore 2 medieval castles. From there we ride through Poland's longest and narrowest villages in Poland to the medival silver mining town of Olkusz, where we stop for lunch in the main square. After lunch we head through the Bledkowski desert; 'Poland's Sahara' where our hotel awaits.

Day 2 Distance 55Km

After breakfast, we head north to our largest medieval castle ruins in Ogrodziniec, where we visit the insides of the larges castle on our tour. After our visit, we continue northwest through valleys covered in sunflowers and rapeseed flowers. Our second day finishes in a spa hotel where we can finish our day enjoying the spa amenities. 

Day 3 Distance 60Km

We begin our morning by visiting two of the best castles on our trip. The castle in Bobolice and ruins of Mirow.  Then we make our way through beautiful valleys sprinkled with rock formation protruding from the valley floor.  On this day we arrive at our destination in Czestochowa and we visit the monastery of the Black Madonna on Luminous mount.



-3 star hotel accommodation

-Trekking bike rental

-The castle of Teczyn

-Carmalite monastary

-castle in Rabsztyn

-castle of Ogrodziniec

-the Bledkowski desert

-Mirow castle

-Bobolice castle

-the Krakow/Czestochowa valleys and ridges


-on-call vehicle support

-Spa day





  1. Kraków
  2. Ojcow national park
  3. Olkusz medival square
  4. Desert
  5. Ogrodziniec Castle ruins visit
  6. Spa day
  7. Bobolice castle
  8. Mirow castle ruins
  9. Olsztyn castle ruins
  10. Bright mountain; home of the Black Madonna