Beach Cruiser City Bike (mens)

Our Beachcruisers are perfect for exploring the city centre of Krakow.  With wide tyres, 3 speeds, and hand brakes you can visit all of the main sites of Krakow at ease and comfortably.

Beachcruiser City bike (womens)

Our Beachcruisers are perfect for exploring the city centre of Krakow.  With wide tyres, 3 speeds, and hand brakes you can visit all of the main sites of Krakow at ease and comfortably.

Colossal Segway Tour

Visit 3 medival towns that make up Krakow today. Enjoy the Segway in a 3 hour ride through the Old Town, Kazimierz; the Jewish district, and Podgórze; the World War II ghetto. The pleasures of this tour lay not only in riding our X2 Segways, but also in hearing all  about the historical facts of our beautiful city. If you're looking for a full Krakow experience combined with the joys of riding Segways, Thistour will fulfill your Krakow sight-seeing expectations. 

Communist Bike Tour

Ride with us into a not so distance pass of Poland's communist era.  Nowa Huta located only 9KM from our shop and with a new dedicated bike path its very safe and accessible.  Along the way we will show you Lenin's steel mill plant, the reason for the genesis of Nowa Huta, which literally means 'the new mill.' We will see the old military air base that was used before planes were invented.  The church shaped like a boat that helped defy Poland's uprising against communist rule.  And ofcourse the intuitive urban design of Nowa Huta that made it an ideal example of the proliteriates city.

Country Bike Tour to the Tyniec Abbey

The country tour takes you along the Vistula river to Tyniec, a small town 12km west of Krakow, famous for its 11th century Benedictine abbey.  Founded in 1044, the abbey played a crucial military role in Poland's Christian restoration and the nation's rebuilding.   The tour begins along the Vistula river on a smooth bike path and leads you through southern Poland's picturesque countryside. You will pass through age-old woods, see crumbling forts and cycle past some of the lakes that surround Krakow. Upon arrival at Tyniec, you'll have a chance to explore the ancient grounds, take photographs of breathtaking scenery and visit the gift shop, which is full of monk-made products prepared by the monks.   The essence of the tour is a relaxed, scenic country cycle rather than the stop-start nature of the city tour. You'll cover a total of 24km on a ride lasting nearly four and a half hours. The tour departs in the afternoon and returns in the evening. A backpack is recommended as it will allow you to transport food, water or gifts back from Tyniec. Keen photographers take note: the country tour will stop at a point overlooking Krakow and is timed to coincide with the sunset.

Eagles' Nests Bike Tour

A three-day bike tour along a series of medieval castles and fortresses that guarded an ancient trading route.  The destination is Czestochowa; the home of Poland's most sacred holy relic; the Black Madonna.  This route runs along a tectonic ridge and thus is blessed with valleys and beautiful views. We ride from Krakow and finish in Czestochowa. This tour includes bikes, guide, helmets, panniers, health insurance and accommodation and breakfast. Total distance 171Km 2 nights

Krakow City Bike Tour

Our tour begins in the main market square of Krakow, the largest medieval square in Europe. Follow your guide along the Planty Gardens to Poland's oldest school, the Jagiellonian University founded in 1364. Continue to the Bishop's Palace to glimpse Pope John Paul II's famous window, and pass the former residence of Oskar Schindler. Stop to admire the Wawel Castle, the stately home of Polish royalty for centuries and today one of the country’s premier art and history museums. Travel along the Vistula River before entering the Krakow Ghetto where you will see remains of the wall Oscar Schindler's factory, and the famous Pharmacy under the Eagle. Next we travel back in time to Kazimierz, the old Jewish quarter.Here you’ll see the oldest synagogue in Poland before stopping to relax at an authentic Polish restaurant for lunch. Our meal will take place inside an old Jewish general store, carpenter's shop and tailor shop, settle in among the 19th-century equipment, including sewing machines and carpentry tools for a unique dining experience. After lunch, journey back toward your original departure point, where your tour will conclude. Itinerary Lunch Sample Menu: Gołabki: stuffed cabbage rolls, with rice and minced port with mushroom or tomato sauce poured on top. Perogies: stuffed dumplings with either cheese and potato, cabbage and mushroom, (the vegetarian option) and/or minced pork filling Bigos: Traditional cabbage stew with sausage, mushroom, cabbage, and a hint of plum The more guests we have on tour the larger variety of foods you will get to try. For one person is on the tour you will get to try the Gołąbki, two people - Gołabki and Perogies, three and more will get to try all three dishes. All tables are provided with a carafe of water and an appetizer of Jewish Maca bread with a choice of three different toppings: chili, garlic sauce, and garlic oil. Any additional beverages or food will be at your own expense.  Tour available daily 12:00 start 16:00 finish

Mounds Mountain Bike Tour

This tour is for those that can only spend half a day on a bike, as the Wolski forest is minutes from the old town and is equipped with numerous trails for every level of mountain biker. On this tour the historical attractions are the mounds of Tadeusz Kościusko and Joseph Piłsudski, two of Polands independence fighters. The mounds were built by citizens in homage to these famous war heroes. Our guide will choose your descent based on your riding level. These mounds are nestled in the Wolski natural reserve. A 417 hectare forest full of trails ranging from intermediate, to Poland's first official advanced single track.

Mountain Bike Rental

Giant Talon MTB bike with 27.5 inch wheels and Giant Revel with 26 inchers

Road/Race bike rental

Giant Defy road bikes built for speed

Road/Race Tour

The cobblestone streets of Krakow's historic center are not ideal for narrow road bike tyres, but leave the city behind and ride along the Krakow valleys and you will discover quite rolling roads perfect to get your heart racing.  Enjoy a 3 hour ride west of Krakow along country roads, hidden valleys packed with a couple grueling climbs. 

Segway Tour

See medival Krakow while riding a 21st century personal transport vehicle; the segway. Not only will you be captivated by the sights and history of Krakow, but you will also be amazed at the ease and convenience of riding our X2 any-road segway.

Tandem Beach Cruiser Bike

If one of you is a stronger rider than the other you can aide each other on this two wheel beuty

Trekking Bike Rental

Our 24 speed trekking bikes are ideal for the long rides.  From a whole day voyage to a multi day adventure these bikes are equiped with what you need. All bikes come with rear back racks so you can attach panniers.  Inner hub dynamo lights for riding in the evening and locks.  Please bring a valid government issued ID as a deposit